February 01, 2004

The Game of the Rose

Posted by Ed

Via Bookslut, I recently came across this article: a review of a board game based on Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. An excerpt:

So, while Mystery of the Abbey might seem a lot like Clue, it plays as if Mrs. White has spiked everybodyís drinks and relocated the crime scene to the Winchester Mystery House. Although the rules are simple to learn, thereís a surprising amount of complexity to actual game play, and the environment can shift at the flip of a card Ė†whether or not that means one player may suddenly get to raid your stash, or the entire room is forced to sing "Frere Jacques" in rounds, itís sure better than prying that fourth railroad from your vindictive spouse. I only hope that the game designers at Days of Wonder arenít currently reading Foucaultís Pendulum....

This game intrigues me, even though I'm not the odd boardgame type. I was disappointed to see that the game's mystery doesn't involve the nature of the library and the rooms in the abbey, however, since I found these elements among the most intriguing in Eco's novel.

With luck, the creators of this game will discover the works of Vladimir Nabokov. Could Pale Fire: The Boardgame be in the works?

Posted by Ed at February 1, 2004 02:07 PM

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