February 08, 2004

Sunday link laziness

Here are some links I've come across today. I found all of these articles intriguing, but I'm too lazy to comment on them in detail:

  • At Cliopatria, Ralph Luker points to a pair of interesting New York Times articles on Southern history: one describes how the loss of Southern cemeteries is harming history, while the other discusses the many historical images of Nat Turner.
  • The Boston Globe ideas section considers the history of Tupperware, discussing "how a strong-willed single mother started a marketing revolution -- and then got written out of corporate history."
  • What can science teach us about art? The New York Times suggests that the literalism inherent in the scientific study of an art work can actually enhance the mystique surrounding it.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer reviews a book about a psychic who was investigated by Harry Houdini. Fun stuff!
  • The historian Michael Burleigh reviews a history of the bombing of Dresden in The Guardian.
  • In The Weekly Standard, Joseph Epstein looks at the writing of George Steiner, who--he suggests--has been doing "an incomparable impression of the world's most learned man" for over 40 years.
  • Oliver Sacks describes how the "thrill" of discovery results when scientists announce that they've found new chemical elements.
  • In general, American men would strongly prefer to have a son than to have a daughter, two economists argue, and this "boy bias" shapes important decisions about whether to marry, divorce, and have children.
  • The historian Catriona Kelly looks at Tchaikovskii's Evgenii Onegin in The Guardian.

As usual, I'll probably add to these links over the course of the day.

Posted by Ed at February 8, 2004 03:35 PM


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