February 11, 2004

Still more link laziness

One of these days I'll write an entry that isn't either a discussion of history or a collection of links I'm too lazy to discuss. That day has not yet arrived, however:

  • How similar were Tony Blair and Winston Churchill?
  • The Baltic Sea, it seems, has become an archaeological paradise.
  • Catapult engineers: the stars of ancient days?
  • Does journal-writing improve your health? (via ArtsJournal)
  • Just in time for Valentine's Day, The New Yorker reviews Simon Blackburn's meditations on lust.
  • What does counterfactual history have to teach us?
  • Frances Partridge, the last surviving member of the Bloomsbury Group, has died at 103.
  • Ursula Le Guin explains what she thinks of everything from Harry Potter to anarchism.
  • Scott McLemee discusses how one Latina cultural theorist wrestles with notions of identity and experience.
  • This article (which I found via Language Log) describes a Swarthmore linguist's efforts to document a vanishing Siberian language.
  • The Chicago Tribune reports that the Baghdad book market is flourishing again. The Christian Science Monitor reports that an Iraqi youth publisher is shifting its focus away from propaganda.
  • The Globe and Mail reviews Norman Davies's new book about how the Allies betrayed Warsaw in 1944.
  • Here's still more proof that the Howard Dean campaign is kind of scary.

I may add more links as I find them later in the day.

Posted by Ed at February 11, 2004 11:45 AM

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