February 22, 2004

Sunday links

Here are some of the articles that have distracted me during my weekend rush to finish up my dissertation proposal:

  • What did Jesus really look like? The New York Times reports.
  • In The Boston Globe, David Shribman reviews a new book on television's role in the downfall of McCarthyism.
  • Simon Schama claims that historians need to regain their "reckless literary courage" and escape the pedantry of the "juggernaut of academic history."
  • Michael Dirda reviews Flesh in the Age of Reason, the final work of the historian Roy Porter.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle describes the many bizarre theories that have shaped public perceptions of the Bronte sisters.
  • Terry Teachout discusses the joys of the footnote and explains why he reads literary biographies backwards.
  • A.S. Byatt looks at the opium addiction of Charles Baudelaire.
  • Ethan Bronner of The New York Times discusses the latest controversy surrounding Israeli historian Benny Morris.
  • How does the reaction to Mel Gibson's Jesus movie compare to the controversy in India over religious films? The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. (via ArtsJournal)

Now it's back to work...

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