February 25, 2004

Mid-Week Link Laziness

What do I do when I should be preparing a lecture on Eduard Bernstein, revisionist Marxism, Nikolai Bukharin, and The ABC of Communism? I read random unrelated articles on the web, of course:

  • The Vikings: not as barbaric you think!
  • Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit discuss a bad novel by Theodor Herzl in their latest New York Review article, another defense of their idea of Occidentalism. (One of these days I'll write about this in detail...)
  • Slate asks why a video game in which Americans avenge Pearl Harbor is popular in Japan. (Here's an interesting Cliopatria entry by Tim Burke about the same game.)
  • The Los Angeles Times profiles Victor Davis Hanson, the conservative classical scholar who's won fans in the Bush White House. (via HNN)
  • The Atlantic's Benjamin Schwarz reviews several new books on World War II, by historians like Christopher Browning and Joachim Fest.
  • The Independent reviews Norman Davies's new book on the Warsaw Uprising.


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