February 28, 2004

Saturday Morning Link Laziness

No, I'm not reverting to my old habit of limiting my blogging to quick comments on lots of different newspaper and magazine articles--at least, not permanently. For now, though, check out these links:

  • What role did consumerism play in the American revolution? Emily Eakin reports on a fascinating new argument by the historian T. H. Breen.
  • Why did Alger Hiss spend 42 years struggling for a vindication that he could never honestly achieve? Max Frankel discusses this question in The New York Times.
  • Micah Sifry--a former supporter of Ralph Nader--suggests that his latest run for president doesn't make sense.
  • FDR once told Orson Welles that "We're the two best actors in the world." The Christian Science Monitor discusses this, and more, in a recent book review on presidents and celebrity culture.
  • The Economist explains what new infrared technology tells us about Giorgone's art, while Reason asks whether J.M.W. Turner was brilliant, blind, or both.
  • According to Lou Dubose, George W. Bush doesn't give as many pardons as other presidents have--and mostly gives them to his rich pals.
  • In The Atlantic Monthly, James Fallows discusses "the hollow army," arguing that it's only a slight exaggeration to say that the entire U.S. army is either in Iraq, returning from Iraq, or preparing to go to Iraq.
  • Legal Affairs looks at the case of John Hinckley and profiles a scientist who specializes in determining a person's time of death.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer reviews a historical novel about Henry of Navarre by Heinrich Mann (Thomas's brother.)
  • The Boston Globe ideas section looks at the George Kennan centenary and the making of movie taglines.
  • In The Washington Post, Jonathan Yardley reviews Dalton Conley's study on what makes some siblings succeed and others fail, and James Mann looks at two books on Chinese history.
  • In Newsday, Scott McLemee reviews Richard Evans's new history of the Third Reich.

Don't expect too much original content from me for a few days--all bets are off if I see something that really intrigues me, but I expect to be pretty busy until I finish my dissertation proposal on Tuesday or so. After that, I'll be writing some longer entries, on exciting topics like the novel-writing debut of Spiro Agnew and the joys of George Orwell. I bet you can't wait!

Update: I've added some links from the Sunday papers.

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