March 12, 2004

Friday link laziness

Posted by Ed

Some links:

  • How many Europeans were enslaved by North African corsairs between 1530 and 1780? An American scholar claims that more than a million white Europeans were taken, leading to the depopulation of coastal towns from Sicily to Cornwall, but other historians disagree.
  • Tom Frank (a University of Chicago history Ph.D.) discusses right-wing populism in this article, with especially interesting comments on the role of consumer goods in views of the left.
  • Did Shostakovich survive the purges in part because he could write catchy movie theme songs? That's one of the arguments made in this Telegraph article. (via Arts and Letters Daily)
  • Adam Kirsch asks an interesting question in a Walrus article on Philip Larkin: "Could Larkin the beloved poet have existed without Larkin the racist cad of a man?"
  • Jeffrey Rosen talks about John Ashcroft in an Atlantic Unbound interview.

I may add more later.

Posted by Ed at March 12, 2004 11:18 AM


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