March 17, 2004

Mid-Week Link Laziness

Posted by Ed

Some links:

  • The London Book Fair has borrowed a page from TV and launched "Lit Idol," The Washington Post reports. I think they need more of a Simon Cowell-type presence, though: maybe they should bring in Christopher Hitchens or James Woods?
  • Did Thomas Jefferson act improperly in making himself president in 1801? In last month's Atlantic (now available online), Bruce Ackerman and David Fontana look at whether Jefferson overlooked irregularities with the Georgia presidential ballot while presiding over the Senate after the 1800 election. Another fun Atlantic article discusses the embalmers of Lenin's corpse, and in the current issue, Christopher Hitchens looks at the career of Edmund Burke.
  • In a New York Times op-ed piece, Ian Buruma discusses whether it's possible to spread liberal values by force. (Some of his arguments seem rather unhistorical and unconvincing--"a century later, the resentments planted by Napoleon's armed liberation sprouted their most bitter fruits in Nazi Germany"--but there's still some kind of interesting stuff in there.) Geoffrey Wheatcroft, meanwhile, reviews Richard Evans's new book on the coming of the Third Reich.
  • In The Guardian, Lucasta Miller (the author of a new book on "the Bronte myth") discusses the pitfalls facing an author in search of a subject. (via Bookslut)

More later?

Posted by Ed at March 17, 2004 01:37 PM


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