July 03, 2004

Holiday Weekend Links

One of these days, after I'm back from the holiday weekend, I'll write begin posting here more regularly. (Reviews of the new Shrek and Spider-Man movies are on their way, along with some posts on history and politics.) Until then, though, here are some links:

  • Coming someday to a theater near you: lots of movies about Boadicea, the Iceni leader Hollywood hopes will turn out to be like "Braveheart with a bra."
  • In The Washington Post, a Clinton biographer describes the experience of reading Clinton's autobiography, and Jamin Raskin reviews Cass Sunstein's new book on FDR"s "Second Bill of Rights."
  • Cass Sunstein reviews James Surowiecki's new book on "the wisdom of crowds" for The New Republic.
  • The New York Review of Books looks at Roy Strong's new book on feasting, while Bookforum features a Sarah Kerr review of Craig Seligman's new book on Sontag and Kael.
  • The Washington Times describes an 1879 visit to Ireland by Ulysses Grant.
  • Simon Sebag Montefiore compares Stalin and Saddam Hussein in this New York Times op-ed piece (with some nice anecdotes, but nothing very deep or significant content-wise.)
  • The Times Literary Supplement describes the dangers of "geeks bearing scripts" in this brief article on the movie Troy.
  • The Guardian discusses Louis Menand's criticism of Lynne Truss.

More later?

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