August 24, 2004

Random Links of the Day

Since I have a few minutes to spare, I'll briefly interrupt my break from blogging to link to some fun articles:

  • The Picts were cool.
  • Louis Menand and Steven Berlin Johnson have written nifty articles on how people make electoral choices and form political values. (The articles are fun to read, whatever you think of the research they describe.)
  • The New York Times discusses ugly Americans who study abroad.
  • Ann Louise Bardach has written a depressing Slate article pointing out just how corrupt the Florida electoral system really is. Dan Chiasson, meanwhile, discusses the glories of the Olympic trampoline competition.
  • My old editor at The American Prospect, Scott Stossel, has written a Boston Globe ideas section article on religious faith and the Boston Red Sox.
  • Timothy Burke has written a fun blog entry on "The Rule of Four and the Romance of the Professorial Life."
  • The Boston Phoenix looks at the New Hampshire Senate campaign of Doris Haddock, the nonagenarian activist known as "Granny D."
  • In The Village Voice, Rick Perlstein asks whether protests in New York could help reelect the president.

Next week, after I get back to Chicago but before I move to Boston, I'll have some more substantial posts, including a review of the best movie of 2004 so far (no, it's not Catwoman), a post about my academic work, and more.

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