September 16, 2004

Meet the Romneys

Posted by Ed

If you're interested in Massachusetts politics (and in now-obscure political figures of the past), you might well enjoy this Boston Phoenix article by Adam Reilly. It's a comparison of Mitt Romney, the Bay State's current governor and a possible 2008 presidential candidate, and his father, former Michigan Governor George Romney. (Romney the elder was widely seen as the frontrunner for the 1968 Republican nomination, but his campaign collapsed after he said he'd been "brainwashed" about Vietnam.)

The article may be a bit over-enthusiastic about George Romney, given that a lot of its discussion of the former Michigan governor was based on interviews with one of his biggest supporters from 40 years ago. Even so, it does a nice job of highlighting what's wrong with Mitt Romney's governorship.

Posted by Ed at September 16, 2004 09:40 AM
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