September 23, 2004

Links of the Day

Posted by Ed

I'm sure the ancticipation is killing you, and you can't wait to see the exciting stuff I'll be writing for this blog over the next week or so. Until then, here are some links:

  • In The New York Review of Books, Clifford Geertz discusses the story of Ishi, the last of his tribe.
  • I've always been kind of wary of the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, though I've never known much about it. Now, having read this Slate article, I'm a little bit more knowledgeable and a lot more skeptical.
  • The New York Times discusses the publication of a "biographical behemoth": the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. If any of you has a spare $13,000, my birthday is coming next month and I'd love a copy!
  • Simon Winchester, meanwhile, says he's clearing out his library to make room for the afore-mentioned reference work--which will be the longest, heaviest book ever produced in English.
  • Speaking of reference books, The Moscow Times describes the successor to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, the Great Russian Encyclopedia. Kim Iskyan, meanwhile, reviews five new books on Armenian history.
  • A Slate article by Jack Shafer discusses how to beat Bill O'Reilly at his own game.
  • The Wall Street Journal opinion page looks at a new movie about Hitler.
  • Witch? Fairy? Goddess of wisdom? The Independent looks back at Mary Poppins.

More later...

Posted by Ed at September 23, 2004 10:09 PM

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