October 14, 2004

Quick Links

I'm feeling too sleepy to finish writing my review of I Heart Huckabees or my rant about historians who get overly speculative in their writing. Instead, here are some links:

  • In The Boston Review, John Crowley discusses a new collection of Walt Kelly's Pogo comic strip. (via Crooked Timber)
  • In Bookforum, Robert Boynton asks whether Brown v. Board of Education is a failure at fifty.
  • The New York Times looks at the language slips of children.
  • The Moscow Times discusses what it was like to live in one of Stalin's skyscrapers.
  • The Nation looks at the life of Edward Teller.
  • The London Times reviews Ian Kershaw's new book on Hitler and Lord Londonderry.
  • Fred Kaplan, one of the sharpest foreign-policy writers around, looks at two movies: Dr. Strangelove (in The New York Times) and The Battle of Algiers (in Slate).
  • In The New Yorker, Anthony Lane looks at the movies of Ronald Reagan.
  • Scott McLemee reviews a new translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

More later?

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