October 30, 2004

Links of the Day

Some links for you:

  • The Moscow Times looks at a Moscow-based club for Russian translators, where Cold War interpreters and literary translators share the secrets of their trade.
  • Michael Dirda reviews The Five Books of Moses, a new translation (with commentary) by Robert Alter. Jonathan Yardley, meanwhile, looks at Joseph Ellis's new biography of George Washington.
  • In The New York Times, Jonathan Rosen reviews a new biography of John James Audubon by Richard Rhodes.
  • The Washington Post profiles Thomas Frank, everyone's favorite U of C history alumnus.
  • In The Guardian, Alan Hollinghurst--who just won the Booker--discusses the correspondence between Gustav and Alma Mahler.
  • In The Washington Monthly, Phillip Carter describes the road to Abu Ghraib.

More later?

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