November 18, 2004

Fun History Links

Some history links:

  • Turkey is moving away from the vision of Mustapha Kemal Atatürk, its great secularist and nationalist leader. But the Atatürk cult is growing in intensity and helping to unify the country. The British magazine Prospect describes what's going on.
  • The New York Times looks at the history behind Oliver Stone's new Alexander the Great movie.
  • The Times Literary Supplement reviews two new books on seventeenth-century fun and games.
  • According to Roy Hattersley, the Edwardian era was the beginning of the modern era.
  • Jonathan Yardley reviews a new book on the Lincoln assassination. The Washington Times does too.
  • Legal Affairs asks whether Wyatt Earp was guilty of manslaughter.
  • The Washington Monthly revisits the career of Middle East historian Bernard Lewis.

As always, I may add to this list later on.

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