November 21, 2004

Still More Links [Updated]

The evening's link collection:

  • The Guardian discusses "Stasi romeos": East German spies who were sent to the West to seduce, marry, and spy on Western women.
  • Is the sound of "quintessentially English" classical music shaped by its composer's native language? The Guardian reports on new research.
  • This week's Boston Globe ideas section features a Chris Mooney article on the "science wars," a brief discussion of Chicago professor Wendy Doniger's upcoming book on self-imitation, and a quick piece discussing Joseph Nye and other "wonks gone wild."
  • Via Arts and Letters Daily: A Reason columnist asks why some conservatives are beginning to defend McCarthyism and Japanse internment, and The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists weighs which terrorist threats we need to worry about the most.
  • Mother Jones looks at the evil empire of Tom DeLay.
  • In the London Times, David Cannadine reviews Bernard Porter's new book on "the absent-minded imperialists."
  • The Independent discusses the historical legacy of Waterloo and the meaning of the battle to both the British and the French.

Another batch for Monday:

  • In Slate, Jeffrey Rosen reviews a new Richard Posner volume on "catastrophic risks" and David Greenberg puts the powerlessness of the Bush cabinet in historical perspective.
  • In The New Yorker, Jonathan Franzen has published an odd little essay on Charles M. Shultz and the Peanuts.
  • A New York Times article looks at "computers as authors."
  • The Washington Post looks at the relationship between history and entertainment in Oliver Stone's new movie on Alexander the Great.

Posted by Ed at November 21, 2004 09:43 PM


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