April 02, 2004

Still More Link Laziness

Posted by Ed

Today I'm feeling lazy, so I'll just provide more links instead of real content:

  • What made the Ealing comedies (like the original Ladykillers and The Lavender Hill Mob) so good?
  • Meet "the third Inkling": Charles Williams. (The Times Literary Supplement discusses the best-known colleague of Tolkien and Lewis.)
  • Is it good to be bored? (via ArtsJournal)
  • Peter Ackroyd reviews the history of antiquarianism in eighteenth-century Britain.
  • A.N. Wilson discusses Lawrence James's discussion of T.E. Lawrence, as well as the continuing relevance of Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
  • How did former Senator Max Cleland get to be the Democratic party's "mascot"? Does Cleland deserve his reputation as a martyr? The New Republic's Michael Crowley asks these questions in Slate.
  • Was Lolita plagiarized? (I doubt it...)
  • Karen Armstrong (the author of several books on religious history) has written a memoir.
  • Niall Ferguson asks how the growth of Muslim immigrant communities, the aging of the native-born population, and the decline of Christian faith will reshape European culture.
  • The New York Times discusses a series of recreational math gatherings inspired by Martin Gardner.
  • Michael Dirda reviews a book on Lewis Carroll's impact on pop culture.

Updated: I've added links from weekend papers.

Posted by Ed at April 2, 2004 01:47 PM


As the htmarkup didn't seem to work:

Posted by: nnyhav at April 7, 2004 01:10 PM

Being bored is probably the most unhealthy phenomenon known to man. There is too much to do in this world and too little time to live.

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