June 24, 2004

Links of the Day

I'm just back from Boston, where I spent a very productive week-and-a-half reading Soviet archival documents in the Harvard libraries. (If only Chicago were as rich as Harvard... We only have one of the six sets of microfilmed files I'd most like to read, and Harvard has all six.) Here are some links:

  • In Prospect, Jo Tatchell discusses the writing career of Saddam Hussein and the joys of dictator-lit.
  • In Bookforum, Craig Calhoun reviews Robert Merton's posthumously published book on serendipity.
  • Louis Menand and Timothy Noah discuss Lynne Truss's approach to grammar.
  • The New York Times reviews a "wickedly revisionist" TV show on the American revolution.
  • What should we make of Bill Keller's first year at The New York Times? Todd Gitlin discusses this question in The American Prospect.
  • Dan Kennedy of The Boston Phoenix profiles Mark Steyn, "the most toxic right-wing pundit you’ve never heard of."
  • In The London Review of Books, John Connelly reviews Norman Davies's new book on the Warsaw Uprising.

I may have more links later, and I'll be back to more substantive blogging sometime later.

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