June 25, 2004

Hit the Road, Jack

Posted by Susan

Jack Ryan is now officially out of the Illinois Senate race, as comedians everywhere rejoice ("Oh, you meant I should go for the swing vote?"). According to Will (who presumably means to refer to Jack Ryan rather than former scandal-plagued attorney general and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan), Jim Oberweis is being considered as a replacement candidate. If this is true, it seems like a poor choice--Oberweis has virtually no political experience, unless one counts his previous failed attempts to run for office, and the only two things I can recall about his campaign for the nomination were his extreme xenophobia and his somewhat sketchy use of his company's funds to indirectly promote his campaign (both of these are described in the candidate profiles at Gapers Block, which is presently having server problems; here's a cached copy). The Chicago Tribune, on the other hand, names State Board of Education Chairman Ron Gidwitz, third-place Senate primary finisher Steve Rauschenberger, and guy-with-similar-name-to-outgoing-senator-Peter-Fitzgerald Patrick Fitzgerald as possible nominees.

via Chicagoist.

Posted by Susan at June 25, 2004 05:07 PM
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