October 24, 2004

Quick History Links

I've had an extremely busy weekend (which involved seeing both my co-bloggers for the first time in quite a while), and it will be a few days before I'm back in the swing of writing substantive blog posts. For now, though, here are two articles on history from today's Boston Globe. In the first, from the ideas section, Matthew Price discusses a new book on plagiarism and historiography by Peter Charles Hoffer:

American history," [Hoffer] writes, "is two-faced" -- split between celebratory popularizers who often value rousing narrative over scholarly rigor and academic specialists whose jargon-riddled, often dour monographs ignore the ordinary reader. Meanwhile, Hoffer accuses the American Historical Association (AHA), where he has served as an adviser on plagiarism and a member of its professional standards division, of abdicating its responsibility to enforce basic scholarly principles in both realms.

The more interesting article, I think, is David Hackett Fischer's review of a new George Washington biography by Joseph Ellis.

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