November 28, 2004

Post-Thanksgiving Links

One of these days I'll post something more than just a link--I promise! For now, though, here are some articles that caught my attention:

  • The Boston Globe ideas section profiles Harvey Cox, the Harvard theologian, and asks the question "What would Jesus do at Harvard?"
  • In The London Review of Books, Neal Ascherson looks back at Isaac Deutscher's three-volume Trotsky biography.
  • The new Bookforum features several articles of note, including Bernard Anderson's review essay on "anti-Americanisms" and Marjorie Perloff's look at the late works of Anna Akhmatova.
  • The New York Times asks an intriguing question: as the consumer culture of childhood changes, what's happened to real toys?
  • Fred Kaplan, one of the sharpest foreign policy writers around, has reviewed Kenneth Pollack's new book on Iran for The Washington Post.
  • In The Guardian, John Charmley reviews a new book on how Winston Churchill's arrogance helped shape Iraq after World War I.
  • On a lighter note, Caleb McDaniel blogs about a familiar subject for most grad students: book hoarding.

And some more for Monday:

  • How did livestock help shape the history of colonial America?
  • In The New Yorker, Laura Miller discusses the work of Lord Dunsany, the now-obscure fantasy writer.
  • Christopher Hitchens looks at the "real mystery" of Alexander the Great in Slate.

Posted by Ed at November 28, 2004 01:59 PM


But they *are* a superior brand of links, no? (Always something good to steal, if I haven't already linked them myself...)

Posted by: Sharon at November 28, 2004 05:05 PM

On Caleb, cf Pnin.

Posted by: nnyhav at December 1, 2004 12:03 PM
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