February 12, 2004

John Kerry in Doonesbury

Every so often, when I read the morning comics, I wince at Doonesbury and wish that Garry Trudeau could be as amusing as he was in the comic strip's glory days. Then I wonder if I'm giving him too much credit... Was Doonesbury ever as amusing as I think I remember?

My tentative answer: Yes. If you're curious, go to this link and read the first comic you come to. It's an amusing jab at John Kerry that's still relevant today, even though it was written back in 1971 (when Kerry was the leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.)

For more old Doonesbury comics, click here and look around. Be warned, however: the video game they had on the site a year or two ago can be really addictive!

Posted by Ed at February 12, 2004 05:01 PM
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