February 13, 2004

Links of the day

Some links were looking at:

  • In The Washington Post, Nicholas Eberstadt discusses "the emptying of Russia," arguing that the country faces a major demographic crisis.
  • The Christian Science Monitor reviews Frederick Taylor's book on the incineration of Dresden.
  • Is Norwegian democracy in trouble?
  • Atlantic Unbound interviews the historian Christopher Browning about his latest book on the origins of the Holocaust.
  • LA Weekly reviews The Return, a low-budget Russian film that's been winning awards around the world.
  • Have researchers discovered the formula for a happy marriage?
  • The American Spectator highlights the libertarian side of Robert Heinlein's writing.
  • Newsday reviews two books on history. The first, which discusses the "parallel lives" of Lincoln and Whitman, shows how small Civil War America really was. The second is a study of Washington's Crossing by David Hackett Fischer, the author of a really good book on Paul Revere.
  • My German is rather poor, but I believe this article in the German magazine Der Spiegel, argues that Queen Elizabeth II is illegitimate and that the true king of England is a beer-drinking Australian farmer. (For a rather hilarious babelfish translation of the article, click here.) Maybe someday, when I'm feeling less lazy, I'll get out a German dictionary and try to figure out exactly why some historian thinks that Elizabeth II shouldn't be queen... (Via A Fistful of Euros)
  • Mark Schmitt has written a really insightful Decembrist entry about how John Edwards has changed the Democratic party for the better. Still more evidence for my view that Edwards is the best candidate in the field, even if it's now too late for him to win...
  • Japanese pop culture is gradually seeping into South Korea, since the country ended its 50-year ban on Japanese culture in 1998. (via ArtsJournal)

More substantive posts will appear sometime soon, I hope...

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